AEROHUB – Green Aerosol

AEROHUB® systems provide highly effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression for fires in enclosed facilities and local spaces.

Unlike Gaseous Systems, AEROHUB® does not require pressure vessels, pipe work, and extensive installation manpower. The aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free.AEROHUB® generators effectiveness is a function of its patented design, using organic aerosol composition, and the ultra-fine aerosol particles produced, which is both non-toxic and non-corrosive.

AEROHUB® is a modular object consisting of cylindrical stainless steel housing, activation devices, heat detection agent composition, reaction compartment and cooling unit. The activation device can be triggered electrically by means of detection system, or mechanically by manual or thermally by heat. The heat detection agent composition is a special proprietary charge containing non-toxic and inert components.

AEROHUB® – How It Works

This aerosol is extremely effective in extinguishing fires involving materials of hydrocarbon origin such as petroleum, diesel, hydraulic liquid, lubricants, natural gas, wood and electrical fire such as switch gears, cable, radio base station, exchanges, etc. AEROHUB® is 3 times more effective and efficient than Halon. The design concentration is only 100g per cubic meter as opposed to Halon which requires 330g per cubic meter. An intricate combination of low design concentration and instantaneous extinguishing response makes AEROHUB® a superior fire extinguishing product in the world.

AEROHUB® – The Advantages
AEROHUB® is capable of providing TOTAL FLOODING and LOCAL APPLICATION solution. AEROHUB® extinguishes the fire by either TOTAL FLOODING the protected area or by protecting the source of fire using LOCAL APPLICATION which is suitable for normally UNOCCUPIED areas to fight fire of classes A, B, C, E and F.