AEROHUB – Control Panel


The TMS01/FCSP-AEROHUB01 2 Zones Fire Suppression Control Panel (Normal) is designed using Micro-controller technology provides a high quality at exceptional value. The TMS01/FCSP-AEROHUB01 (N) is manufactured and certified to MS1745 – Part 2 : 2004

The seven segment display provide useful information on charging voltage/current, simple and easy to maintain making the panel ideal for almost every application. It is housed in a signal red mild steel panel. The panel housing can be fabricated to indoor.

ctrlpanel-okFeatures & Benefits :-

  • System designed using Micro-controller provides accurate signal processing and more features.
  • Surface mount technology (SMT) provides high quality and compact control board.
  • Control circuit with double lock system, ie., the AERO / Gas Discharge output activated only upon both zones in alarm condition after pre –set delay period of 30 seconds.
  • AERO / Gas Release Keyswitch contact input to immediately release the gas without delay.
  • Isolate Switch contact input (optional) to stop the gas release process (prior to the AER0 / gas discharge started). The AERO / gas release process will be reactivated after the switch has been released (after delay countdown of 30 seconds).
  • Seven segment display provide useful information for charging voltage/current and error messages.
  • Buzzer and bell re-sound (mute/silence) upon any new fault or alarm event happen, bell can be manually silence button Alarm volt free contact output (optional)